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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am sooo ready for bed..
WOW!!! Today was non stop, running all day trying to get ready for this transport.
The vet was here early this morning doing the health certificates, then I ran to my other vet, the pound and Vanderbuilt hospital in Nashville for an appointment.
Tomorrow pick up the van, dogs at various vet offices, sanitize the crates, load, configure van and pack my stuff.

I just wanted to pop in and post a little video in case anyone was on the wall about adopting one of my cuties.

Most will be leaving for the humane society this trip.
So contact me, if you see someone you can't live without and we'll work on the details.
After this transport, I will be down to about 15-20 animals. I'm trying to slow down a bit, wish me luck:)
I truly need to catch up and do paperwork, write for grants, do some fund raising, get the auctions up and finish two books I'm in the midst of writing.
We have been overwhelmed with vet bills this month. We always have bills, but for some reason there have been more special needs cases than usual.
Several leg surgeries, two tail amputations, heart issues and heart worm treatments, not to mention all the other testing and vet care we do on a daily basis.

What I have decided, since every time I say I'm going to stop, I never do and it seems to only make me take in more animals is..
I am going to help out several of our local vets and rescues who have many dogs for adoption, but are ending up with the dogs being there several months to a year. I know of one that has almost 50 dogs. This way I still help get the animals to places they can be more readily adopted, but can also take a little more time to work and try to rest a bit.
I don't think I can ever stop, it just truly breaks my heart and makes me mad that the animals are in such situation, where they are not cared for. They truly deserve better than that.

I had a chance to get together with my friend Ruth yesterday.
She started the"The Fix Foundation" and has worked very, very hard over the past few years to get a spay/neuter clinic going.
She is making it happen next year!!! I'm so proud of her and the best news yet, it is pretty close to me and will also be available to residents of Sumner County. I will do everything in my power to work with her and support her efforts.
That is the only way that the needless killing will end...
So hopefully every responsible pet owner will take advantage of the programs that will be offered next year.

Last week and today, I did take in2 Shihtzu, 2 Jack Russel/mix pups, 3 Cocker Spaniels, 4 cats, a Chihuahua, a little Rat Terrier, 2 German Shepherd puppies and a small terrier that someone had shot in it's back leg. Poor sweetheart is only about 25 pounds. I tell you the animals never cease to amaze me.. She was covered in blood, they thought she was hit by a car, turns out someone shot her, but thru it all she kept wagging her tail as the techs took care of her, just burrowing her face into their chests.
Full of pellet, the blast broke the leg in several spots.
The vet is trying to save the leg, but there is always a chance she may lose it.
I'll post pictures of her cute face when I get back.

Ohhh and I have a few things to share, before I forget.. I'm so sleepy:)

"A Place To Bark" will be in next months issue of "Animal Fair". The article will be featured in their AF cares about our sweet "Noel".
Al, "Noel's" new dad, says she is doing great!!!
Hopefully I'll get to see her this trip when I go up north.

"Animal Fair", if you aren't familiar with it, is a Premier Lifestyle Magazine and website for Animal Lovers.
Founded in 1999 In support of fairness to animals.
So be sure to check it out!!!
Did I mention that Wendy Diamond's fabulous little dog "Lucky" has her own blog:)

Also, a very talented and generous artist "Karen Derrico" is selling prints of a beautiful cat painting done of "Claudine's cat Mabel.
She will be donating 20% of the proceeds to "A Place To Bark". Thank you sooooo much!!!
I wonder if she will do a painting of "Stan":)
Claudine adopted Stan from us over a year ago.
Check out Karen's other "Artwork", she is a special lady very active in donating to animal rescues.

Time for me to hit the hay.. Sorry if I rambled in this post..
I have to be up at 5:30 a.m. to get everything I need done before I leave Thursday..
Nitey nite..

P.S. Here is some of our cuties looking for forever homes..

"Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances which we know to be desperate"
G.K. Chesterton
whenever i read your posts my heart grows. God bless you, Bernie!!! you are always in my prayers.
These are wonderful dog pics Bern... I love all these dogs! I think the lil red one needs a new name.....Humper-dink....hee,hee,hee...
Denise T
I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and must say I am very lucky I don't live near you . . . I'd likely have three more dogs to add to my managerie (of course, I'd likely be down one husband, so there would be room).

It breaks my heart to see such beautiful, lovable animals without a home.

I encountered dogs running wild when I travelled for work this past summer. If the pilot would have let me bring the one puppy on the prop plane I would have smuggled it into my hotel and brought it home the next day. There was just no concern for the animals there.

You are very special indeed. Have a Merry Christmas Bernie.
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