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Sunday, April 01, 2007
More Beautiful Faces..

I never seem to have enough time to post all the pics of the little darlings that come thru our place..
Nor do I have time to keep in touch with all my sweet friends, do art swaps or just make things for those that I care for, that is what I miss most these days.
Time gets away from me with so many to care for and especially my special needs babies.

I took in a Catahoula mother dog and her 5 pups this week. The momma dog only has 3 legs.
She is sooooo sweet and the whole litter is so laid back, such a great bunch!
These moments make my heart smile as you can see from the pics:)

It breaks my heart to see whole families of dogs at the pound. Situations like that could have been so easily avoided had someone fixed them. All those lives needlessly lost...
Actually everything I see at the pounds break my heart, but the pregnant moms, the sick dogs, the old ones, the scared ones & the pups especially gets to me...
I can't remember where I heard this phrase but it applies to me on many levels..
"The pieces of my broken heart are so small they can fit thru the eye of a needle"
Ahhhhh, 'Houla puppies!!! I love it! I adopted Rogerdog when he was already 1.5 yrs old, he's gray with black spots, too!
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