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Saturday, May 05, 2007
Momma's Journey
I made it home last week, but things were so hectic, I am just now making a moment to post.
I'm fine and thanks so much for those of you that have e-mailed to make sure that something wasn't wrong.
Momma is in her new home, with 4 other hound siblings.
She lives on a lake, in a beautiful home, that is just an amazingly peaceful and beautiful place.
The best part is I will always have contact with her & her family so I will always know how she is:)
I do miss her terribly, but that happens when dogs are here for long periods of time.
Her new parents follow a holistic lifestyle and so Momma is now being fed homemade meals made fresh daily..
Maybe they'll adopt me!!
This pic was taken at our overnite stay at the Red Roof Inn. Highly recommended, very pet friendly.

Pictures say a thousand words and you can tell from these, she is very happy in her new home!!

A Cinderella story this is and we are all a part of it!!
Those of you that are my friends, that support our auctions, that read this blog and donate, this is why we continue on..
Blessed Be...
BERNIE!!!! WE HAVE MISSED YOU!!! So glad you had a good journey. Hopefully, you had a few moments to rest and recharge those batteries.

I have been thinking of you often and looking forward to seeing you in August at AU.

You made my morning, Bernie! How wonderful to see those smiles.
Welcome home.
You never cease to amaze me, Bernie. You are such an incredible, amazing, WONDERFUL person. Your heart is so big it must take up half of your body. Love these photos, love you for everything you do, love you for being you. xx
So glad Momma's doing well! But also glad to see you back. Was getting worried...

That picture of Momma is a gem. She looks so peaceful...and tired!

Thanks for continuing to post your wonderful work.
awww I love these pics! she looks SO HAPPY!!
Welcome home! We have missed you. Love the pictures ... she's too cute!
welcome back bernie. i'm so happy momma has such a fantastic home and life now; you do such important and soulful work, thanks for sharing with us!
Momma beagle looks sooooooo happy. A happy ending for sure!!!
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