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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
News at The Zoo....

So much to write and post and not enough time in the day..
Our animal control here have been calling me so much lately, even when I was in Boston teaching, with pleas of help, to get animals out so they wouldn't have to put down sweet, good dogs.
They are full to the brim and have to euthanize to make space.
I'm taking in what I can, but so many are left behind...
It truly haunts me, when I have to walk away from them, to choose who comes with me & who I've left behind.
The eyes, the looks of abandonment, the reality that these moments never needed to happen, if pet owners would have had their animals fixed.

We are in such desperate need to build and grow, but at the moment we are so in debt and struggling..
I'm not complaining all rescues face these problems. Just talking out loud.
I have to keep focusing on our successes and not what I can't control, it's so hard and somedays it does bring me to my knees.

Enough of my thoughts, here are some happy pics of those that have made it out and here to the house!!!

This sweet guy I've named "Big Gus" he's so sweet!! A more mature fellow, approximately 4-6 years of age, good with other dogs and just wants to be by your side. He'll be going to Golden Retriever Rescue here in Tennessee.

This is "Arnie" I'm guessing a Cocker Spaniel or a Spaniel mix. Male, approximately 2-4 years of age. He is matted to the skin, I'll be taking him to the groomer tomorrow in hopes we can get him shaved without too much discomfort. Scared to death of everything, but not a fear biter. Just cowers, submissive pees and runs. Good with other dogs and crate trained. Really bad on a leash, but in time I'm sure that will all change. He actually came to me today:) Isn't he handsome!!

This sweet mom, wouldn't let me take her picture.. Camera shy:) She is a female terrier mix. Approximately 1-2 years of age, female, about 17- 20 lbs. Super friendly & loving. Good with other dogs, cats & listens well. She has 5 darling pups.

These guys are so funny!!! Just sweet, happy loving pups:) Beagle/ Blue Heeler mixes.

I have a ton more pics to post, but haven't downloaded them out of my camera.
Not to mention we also took in 3 litters of kittens. I'll post more tomorrow..
Bless your heart. As you described having to leave the animal control without all the animals my stomach was sick. really sick. I don't know how you do it. I'm thankful that you are doing it.

Thanks for what you do and if I had a ton of money i'd give it all to you.

I know what you mean about the ones you leave behind. Stay strong Bernie, you can only do what you can do. I wish I could take one of the beagle/blue heeler crosses, they are just gorgeous. Thanks for all you do!
I just wish I could have them all. Doggie eyes are always looking up at me, and I look up to them.
Hope all is going good with you.
It's so sad to think of the one's you have to leave behind, and how hard it must be on you.. But just think of all that you help and save, you are truly an angel.. God Bless You!
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