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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Leaving For Chicago..

The van is finally configured & loaded with all the crates ready to bring all the pups to the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago tomorrow...
Health certificates all done, tons of running around when we do these transports, but all my little ones and some BIG ones will have a chance at new and great lives:)
After I unload I have another 2 hour drive to Wisconsin to do 2 private adoptions and then to the Humane Society in Wisconsin the following morning to get some much needed food and medical supplies.
I also get to see some of my Wisconsin friends, some of you may be familar with Kim Nugent, great artist and my buddy who has one of my rescued dogs. So I get to sleep and snuggle one of my little buddies even when not home!!
If you have my cell number give me a call I'll be bored driving:)
Leaving in about 4 hours so I need to take my tired self to bed..

I'll be back Friday nite or Saturday & I'll continue loading auction items so PLEASE keep checkin back, lots of fabulous stuff,
I have at least 30+ pieces to load.

Talk to you soon...
WONDERFUL! What a great thing you are doing!
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