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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
New Scruffie

We have a new Scruffie here!! I so love the Scruffie Terriers:) His name is "Balto" he is a male terrier mix of some sort. Approximately 8 months to a year old. He is so sweet, a bit shy, good with other dogs and weighing about 15 pounds.
I have got to quit coming here...I've already picked 5 I want to adopt! I have a Scruffy...I even call him Scruffy...and these two could be brothers!

Hugs to you for everything you do!! If you need more art, let me know!
Oh. He is adorable. I have always had this thing for scruff-muffins. The uglier, scruffier, lost-er the cause, the better! For a long time, my choice in men was like that too, but I finally cured myself of that. :-)
Love this little pup!! And I know someone will love him all the way to his new forever home!! xox
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