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Saturday, April 14, 2007
Back From Chicago, now onto Boston

The transport went well and all the pups are up for adoption..
I think this was our biggest transport yet.

I'm back home and headed out to Boston today. It will be 19 hours, plus a few stops.
I'm not looking forward to the drive but I'll have "Momma Valentine" in the car to keep me company.
If you have my cell number give me a call, I'll have plenty time to talk:)
Valentine is my sweetheart, we've had her about a year and a half now and I have to say, that letting her go, is not too easy.
But she'll have her own family and will get the love and attention she deserves. And she does require quite a bit!!
She love to be LOVED!!! Our little stalker, she can be found anyplace she knows you are going to be.
Not to mention she is going to a fellow artist and I'll get updates on her life...
Her are some pics, just to show you how sweet and adorable she is..

If you don't know her story it can be found here
I'll be out of touch for two weeks, so if you need me call my cell.
Blessings and Light to you all..

Sunday, April 08, 2007
Getting ready to hit the road again..
I hope this finds everyone having a Blessed Easter!!!
I've been soooo busy with all the new dogs that have been coming in..
Like these sweet little guys..
They just came in. I can't even begin to guess what they are, super bouncy though!!
Yes, the black one is a littermate:)

I'll be out of touch for the next couple of days.
Getting ready to take the next transport to Chicago and yes, mostly all the pups & dogs posted will be up for adoption at the Anti Cruelty Society.
I hit the road Tuesday and turn right around to come back to Tennessee on Wednesday.
Then I pack up and start driving to Boston on Saturday, to teach at Absolutely Everything next weekend.
The reason I'm driving is "Momma Valentine" will be going to her new forever home!!!
"Momma V" has been here about a year and a half.
I'll be missing her so much. She's so funny, our little stalker we call her.. She LOVES to be LOVED!!!
It's a long haul to Boston, about 18 hours on the road...
Our sweet "Peaches" also went her new home in Washington, D.C. this Easter weekend.

This group of pups are, Great Pyrenees mixes. They were just terrified when they got here..
Slowly they are warming up, so sad to see such fear in their sweet eyes..
I gave them a box to hide in, you can barely see the third one in the back.
He's the one with the frightened look:(

The ticks down here freak me out so much!!!
Chicago & Wisconsin winters always kept the ticks at a minimum.
All these pups had colonies of ticks living in their ears and fleas having a fiesta in their fur.. Ick!!!
Nothing a good dose of "Frontline" won't take care of..

I'm off to bed, have to be at the vet at 8:00 a.m. with all the dogs.
It's an hour drive down and I have to load them all in the van in the morning, so looks like it's going to be a 4-5 a.m. morn.
Nitey Nite...
Friday, April 06, 2007
"Boxer Pups"

We just got a litter of 4 Boxer Pups in..
So very sweet & too cute for words, they were pretty skinny & loaded with tick, fleas and pretty much a complete collection of parasites:( Eeeww..
All dogs that come in are dewormed for three days with Panacur and are given all their shots and Frontlined.

Pretty scared when they got here as you can see, but have warmed up to us today and are doing great!!
I swear they are part Kangaroo the way they jump and how active they are!!!
I had a hard time getting clear pics for they kept moving:)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
New Scruffie

We have a new Scruffie here!! I so love the Scruffie Terriers:) His name is "Balto" he is a male terrier mix of some sort. Approximately 8 months to a year old. He is so sweet, a bit shy, good with other dogs and weighing about 15 pounds.
Monday, April 02, 2007
"Noel" update

As you can see our little "Noel"
is growing up. She has gained almost 10 pounds and is very happy and healthy.
Still a tiny bit on the shy side, she warms up quickly and is a non stop ball of energy.
She gets so excited & wags so hard she falls over:)
All the infections she had are now gone and she is healthy enough to have her ear surgery. If you don't know Noel's story just click on her name above to read about it. She had suffered terrible abuse and had no ears when I got her.
One of the ear holes has completly sealed it self shut and they will have to cut a new hole and surgically make her a new opening. This type of surgery is called an ear canal ablation. It's going to be costly and I may have to call in some help.
But all in all, she is doing great and we are ready to start taking applications. She is approximately 8 months to a year, female, loves other dogs, plays hard and is non stop, busy girl who loves to be pet and hugged.
Thanks to everyone that sent in hats, she loved them and they kept her ear holes nice and warm!! Thank you so very much!!!


Sunday, April 01, 2007
Puppy Breath...

I love them, but have to say they are way more work, than adults. Not to mention so much more fragile.
Lately I've had many comment on how I'm living their dream.. Wishing they could do rescue like I do.
I'm flattered by the comments, just be careful what you wish for...
I Love what I do, but there are many sacrifices you make..
I'm not complaining, I chose this life and am very happy every day for the lives saved.
I just want others to know what they are getting into and the sacrifices made.
My advice is start slow, foster dogs for rescues or humane societies, to begin with. Volunteer your time.
Here my time is not my own & every day is different. Many aspects of my life suffer because of my dedication to the animals, their needs must always come first. Everything else comes next. Time & money are things I never have enough of..
Once you get into rescue it is very difficult to get out, without having guilt. You learn so much about how many are needlessly put to sleep and the evils that people do.
My guilt would be amplified if I quit, just because I have established relationships and programs with the Humane Socities where these critters can be placed. My blessings have been the shelters I work with. We have a very good working relationship not to mention friendships..
For those who want to do this full time I must caution you on the constant emotional roller coaster & the compassion fatigue.
Not to mention that you must have a strong stomach for the gross part of rescue, the worms, parvo, different illnesses, etc.
The other day when I pulled "YoYo & Gumbo" out of the pound I had ticks crawling all over me.. EEEEWWWW!!
It can wear you down if you are not careful...
I tend to focus on the good, what I can do & what I have done. It does no good to focus on what we can't fix. Only looking forward to a new day, a new hope that thru education & awareness we can evoke change, for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Below are some of our precious pups:









All are between the ages of 8-12 weeks old. All will be up for adoption in 2 weeks.
I'll hopefully be posting more item to auction tomorrow and boxing up the sold item as well..
Hug A PUG, his friends & all the puppies..

My last post for the nite..
I have to do one more bottle feeding and then I can sleep for about 4 hours before I get up again..
Thank goodness this only lasts a few weeks:)

We've got a new Puggie here!! He is so cute and definitely has a wonderful personality, we just have to check out a few health issues and he should be up for adoption in a few weeks. Right now he has kennel cough and I feel so bad for the smooshed face guys when they have this, they truly have the hardest time. It will pass in a couple of weeks, we just have to try to make him a comfortable as possible. His name is "Bosco", male, approximatel 3-5 years of age, great with other dogs.

We don't usually get Pugs, but every now & then we have them show up, usually with health issues.
The last one we had was Mister Mugsey Magoo and he is now happily living with his artist mom Jill Schulse in Wisconsin.
Click here to see Mister Magoo's story

Puggie has a best buddy and his name is "Rosco". He is the best I can guess Boston Terrier/Pug mix. Maybe he's a pure Boston, I'm not too sure. He is approximately 1-2 year of age male, great with other dogs. Super busy, lots of energy!!
Not to be left off leash. I chased him for almost an hour when he got off my leash. Boy was I feeling how out of shape I am:)

Next is "Scooter" what a doll!!! He is approximately 2-3 years of age, super sweet, loving, housebroken, male, ten pounds and great with other dogs. Scooter I'm guessing is a Snoodle. Schnauzer/poodle mix. He does currently have some ear & skin infections but we'll take care of that.

This is "BeeBop" he is a lab mix and a super loving, easy going guy!! Approximately 10-12 weeks old, this sweetie has Sarcoptic mange. Easily treated, just needs time to heal.
Sad but true, many poor darlings are put to sleep because people don't take the time or energy to treat this parasitic skin problem. He'll be ready to go in about a months time.

Last but not least a group shot of the many puppies here.

They will be available for adoption thru the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago in a few weeks.
By keeping puppies in the Humane Societies we hope to keep people out of the pet shops and from buying Puppy Mill Dogs. I know first hand what a puppy mill looks like.
Words cannot describe what I've seen and their eyes and living conditions will forever be burned into my memory.
Please research your breeders if buying a purebred dog.
I was part of a team of rescuers assisting in a puppy mill bust with HSUS last year. Operation HOPE

Lots more pics to come..
Also, an update on our precious "Noel" I actually was able to get a few new pictures of her!!!
She never stops moving and wags so hard that she actually falls over, so it's just really hard to get good pics of her that aren't a blurrrr:)
Till tomorrow
Blessings & Light to you...
More Beautiful Faces..

I never seem to have enough time to post all the pics of the little darlings that come thru our place..
Nor do I have time to keep in touch with all my sweet friends, do art swaps or just make things for those that I care for, that is what I miss most these days.
Time gets away from me with so many to care for and especially my special needs babies.

I took in a Catahoula mother dog and her 5 pups this week. The momma dog only has 3 legs.
She is sooooo sweet and the whole litter is so laid back, such a great bunch!
These moments make my heart smile as you can see from the pics:)

It breaks my heart to see whole families of dogs at the pound. Situations like that could have been so easily avoided had someone fixed them. All those lives needlessly lost...
Actually everything I see at the pounds break my heart, but the pregnant moms, the sick dogs, the old ones, the scared ones & the pups especially gets to me...
I can't remember where I heard this phrase but it applies to me on many levels..
"The pieces of my broken heart are so small they can fit thru the eye of a needle"

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